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Fiber & Power Feeder Clamp


The clamp is designed to secure 2 to 6 fiber cables and power cables

It is installed on cable ladder, rung, bracket, profile such as towers, ladders and masts at telecom site . Without additional adapters, provide sturdy, reliable, long-term support.

  • Easy-to-install
  • Wind loaded
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Fragility-resistant plastic material
  • Capable to working in extreme temperature
  • Recommend distance of clamps:0.5m
  • Provide various fiber cable and power cable with rubber
  • Fiber optic cable with a diameter of 7 mm and power cable with a diameter of 9 mm


 item  standard 
 Cable size   7mm & 9 mm
 Metal component material  Stainless steel
 Plastic component material  PP reinforced with glass fiber
 Rubber material  TPV or EPDM
 Cable runs 6 way
 Resistance to corrosion  High
 Temperature Operation  -15 c to +60 c
 Resistance to humidity  100%



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