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The ducts are made of cover of silicone. Thick Walled Duct is designed for direct burial by having thicker inner tube.
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Thick walled micro ducts are designed for direct burial and have superior blowing characteristic. Thanks to the sufficient thickness of the wall,

It exempts this type of micro duct from additional protective ducts.

Thick walled micro ducts can be branched off easily and the primary tube

Can be directly buried as a single micro duct. Also this solution makes networks. Distribution possible with a simple connector. Any size and color are available on request. This product is usually recommended to the site which requires fast and easy sheath cutting during fiber branch off from the FCP.




  • Robust, highly resistance to crushing
  • Simple line of connectivity products
  • Designed for slots and micro-trenches
  • Nominal sheath thickness is 1.0 mm and as order 
  • Producing in different sizes such as 5/3.5-7/4-12/8-14/10-22/18




  • Can be used in any environment
  • Ducts are future proof
  • Required less technical skills and time in the field to make connections.
  • Possibility to pass 144 core from a 10 mm tube
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