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Network Patchcord Cat 6 & Cat 5


Network Patchcord Cat 6 & Cat 5

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Network Patchcord Cat 6 & Cat 5



Cat 6 & Cat 5 network patch cable is the cost-effective solution for indoor data center applications, supporting up to 1000BASE-T within 100m and 10 Gigabit Ethernet over the limited distance specified in the industry. And it is fully backward compatible with all the previous categories.

A Cat5 or Cat6 cable is often used in homes. The big difference between Cat5 and Cat6 cables is the amount of data that can be sent. Cat6 has a higher bandwidth compared to Cat5.

The most important features of our product is:

  • Simple installation, durable when it comes to impact and abrasion
  • High-precision twisted cable, reducing resistance and allowing for a better flow of electrons
  • Providing superior structural integrity, and reducing low frequency external interference
  • Built to withstand high levels of stress, pulling, and pushing
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