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NBG Fiber Optic Closure


NBG Fiber Optic Closure

Fiber optic splice closure is the equipment used to offer room to fuse splice optical fiber and also to provide protections for the fused fiber joint point and the fiber cables.
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NBG Fiber Optic Closure


Insert FO Cable-Ends through the cable glands from outside to inside of both closure parts. Slide the closure parts away from the splice area to have enough space to splice all fibers according to specs.

Prepare fiber ends for splicing, specify over lengths and store in splice-tray.

Place cable ties over FO cable on both sides of splice tray as strain relief (through the two openings left and right outside

the splice area). Pull strongly

If it is necessary to use both sides of the splice-tray please push fibers through the openings of the tray (middle left and middle right)

Make splices and protection according to splicing specifications .The splice-tray can be used with max. 2 x 6 splice-holders for Crimp- or Heat Shrink Protection. Heat Shrink tubes will be stacked.(2 x 6 tubes will be put on top of each other)

Put splice tray in one closure part and screw the second closure part together strongly.

Closing the cable glands on the outside of the closure parts will seal the closure and make the strain relief over both cable ends.


Diameter of Cable Glands: Cable Ø : min: 4.5 mm max: 10.0 mm


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