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Wall mount patch panel


Wall mount patch panel

wall mount patch panels are designed to support fusion splicing or direct termination of the fibers. this modular provides cross- connect and interconnect capacities for splicing and terminating.
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Wall mount patch panel


 Item  Standard
 Usage  Indoor _wall mount
Housing material Steel- metallic Alloy
 Core capacity  24-48 core
 Color  Black and RAL 7032
 Environment temperature  -25~ +55
Thickness 1.5 ~2 mm
 Size (W*H*D)  37*30*9 cm



  • Small dimensions and convenient operation
  •  Multiple patterns and configuration
  •  With adequate storage and distribution space
  •  With safe and reliable fiber cable fastening and grounding protection devices
  •  Applicable to adaptors such as FC, SC, ST, LC
  •  Fiber cable entry panel 2 sides
  •  Applicable to strap-shaped or non-strap shaped optic fiber
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  • Wall mount patch panel
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