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NBG produces OM4 Cable,Patchcords,Pigtails

NBG produces OM4 Cable,Patchcords,Pigtails



OM3 and OM4 are two common types multimode fiber used in local area networks, typically in backbone cabling between telecommunications rooms and in the data center between main networking and storage area network (SAN) switches. Both of these fiber types are considered laser-optimized 50/125 multimode fiber, meaning they both have a 50μm micron diameter core and a 125μm diameter cladding, which is a special coating that prevents light from escaping the core. Both fiber types use the same connectors, the same termination and the same transceivers—vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) that emit infrared light a 850 nanometers(nm). OM3 is fully compatible with OM4. With so many similarities, and often manufactured with the same color aqua cable jacket and connectors, it can be difficult to tell these two fiber types apart. So, what’s the difference between OM3 vs OM4? Do these two types fiber refer to the same thing?

In fact, the difference between OM3 vs OM4 fiber is just in the construction of the fiber optic cable. The difference in the construction means that OM4 cable has better attenuation and can operate at higher bandwidth than OM3. What is the reason of this? For a fiber link to work, the light from the VCSEL transceiver much have enough power to reach the receiver at the other end. There are two performance values that can prevent this—optical attenuation and modal dispersion.

 the performance difference in OM3 vs OM4 is in the loss (dB) in the cable. OM4 fiber causes lower losses due to its construction.The maximum attenuation allowed by the standards is shown below. You can see that using OM4 will give you lower losses per meter of cable.


 Name  100MB   1000BASE_SX  10GBASE_S  40GBASE_SR4    100GBASE_SR10
 OM1  2000m  275m  33m   Not Specified   Not Specified
 OM2   2000m  550m  82m   Not Specified   Not Specified
 OM3   2000m  550m  300m  100m  100m
 OM4   2000m  1000m  550m  150m  150m


Since the attenuation of OM4 is lower than OM3 fiber and the modal bandwidth of OM4 is higher than OM3, the transmission distance of OM4 is longer than OM3. NBG company has started producing OM4 cables, patchcords and pigtails with customised length and connectors.



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